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Consumers today expect any website to be able to browse on their mobile phone. If you’ve not already optimized your website for mobile users, you might be wondering what the benefits of this would be to your company. While it may seem like a time-consuming or costly process for your business, it’s something we recommend almost any company takes the time to do this year. To help you understand why optimizing your website for mobile is so important, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this process.

Pros of optimizing your website for mobile

First, we will take a look at the pros of mobile optimization, including benefits such as increased site visits, mobile appeal, and more.

Increase the number of visitors to your site

When you run a website that’s not suitable for browsing on a mobile phone, you stop a huge percentage of the population from visiting your site. Almost everyone uses a mobile phone every day, and when commuting to and from work, they often spend their free time scrolling through sites looking for services or products to purchase. If your site is challenging to use on a mobile phone, they’ll soon start looking at your closest competitor’s site. You are missing out on so many potential sales by not optimizing your site, which is something any business today can’t afford to do. While it may seem like an expensive process, you’ll find you quickly receive a return on this investment within just weeks or months of making your site more user-friendly for mobile phone users.

Appeal to mobile users

Mobile users are often visiting your website for a different reason than a desktop visitor. By tailoring your website to mobile users, you can advertise key services or products that are most relevant to their use. For example, if you offer a wide range of services but a few are specifically designed for mobile users, you can create a site that focuses on these services. You’ll be able to create pages and content that are most relevant to this audience, so they won’t have to trawl through endless pages of irrelevant information. They’ll then spend more time browsing your site and engaging with your brand, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and an increased chance of purchasing from your company.

Easier to navigate

When you’ve browsed the internet in the past on your mobile phone, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to visit sites that aren’t optimized for mobile users. This is particularly true when you find web pages that are too long or too wide for your mobile screen, which end up being rearranged into long pages. You can make the design of your mobile website much more compact, making it quicker and easier to navigate for mobile users. Most mobile users are looking for quick results when they are searching for a product or service online, and so they expect to be able to easily navigate your site without spending hours searching for the page they are looking for.

Improved marketing campaigns

If you already use Instagram and Facebook for your marketing campaigns, optimizing your website for mobile users is a necessary step to ensure you close sales from these efforts. When linking to your company’s website from a social media app or site, consumers expect to receive a fully optimized website where they can continue exploring everything your company has to offer. Social media and your website are two of your most powerful marketing tools today, regardless of the industry you are currently operating in. By improving the experience for users when navigating between these two platforms, you’ll find your marketing campaigns are far more successful.

The cons

While we believe that optimizing your website for mobile is a necessary step for almost all companies, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. These short-term disadvantages are usually quickly made up for by the results and increased sales you’ll see from optimizing your website for mobile.


Optimizing your website for mobile is likely to cost your company a fair sum, but this will be dependent on the size of your site and the complexity of the work involved. By working with a website developer, they’ll be able to advise you on the project and offer the best options to make your website mobile-friendly, alongside providing you with a quote from the beginning. Furthermore,  they can work with you to tailor the project to your budget and timeframe, and if you are in a rush to get this work completed, you’ll be able to work together to create a mobile site within just a few weeks. While we know that companies are desperately trying to save money after the past year, the benefits you will gain from this project are well worth it in the long run.

Ensuring your site is suitable for all phones and devices

When it comes to optimizing a site for mobile users, it’s important to keep in mind that not all phones are exactly the same. Optimizing your site will require testing on a wide range of devices, which can increase the cost and length of time needed for this project. To receive the benefits of mobile optimization, try to offer your site to as many mobile users as possible. This will continue to expand your audience and increase customer satisfaction. Make sure you test your site out on a wide selection of phones and tablets before launching it to ensure you are happy with the final results.

Into the future

Optimizing your site for mobile users is critical today. It’s something that companies can’t afford to operate without any longer, especially due to the recent digital shift in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Mobile phones are part of our everyday lives and aren’t going anywhere. You’ll soon increase your audience by creating a mobile site, and when used with online marketing strategies, you’ll find your sales and engagement soon improve. While it can be a daunting project to undertake if you have a complex site, you’ll find mobile website development teams will be able to assist you through every step of the process to create a fantastic site your customers will enjoy returning to.

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