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Many business owners don’t realise that their branding could make or break their business. If you are looking to launch a business this year or just think it’s time to upgrade your branding, keep reading to discover the top things that many businesses get wrong about branding. By avoiding these common issues, you can ensure that you set your business up for success and keep attracting your target audience.

1) Thinking it’s just about the logo

While your logo is certainly one element of your branding, it’s not the only thing. If you spend all of your time and resources on the logo and neglect to work on other elements of your branding, such as your font, website design, images, and graphics, you’ll soon be left with very weak branding. After designing a logo, spend time on the other elements of branding that will help to set you apart from your competitors.

2) Not understanding the importance of branding

If you’ve made it here today, you likely understand the importance of branding and are keen to learn more about it. However, many companies are so caught up in their product or service launch that they don’t dedicate the time and effort that’s needed to review their branding. Even if you work in an industry where you don’t feel like your branding matters, you still need to attract new customers and look professional at all times. Ensure you put aside adequate time for your branding and keep reviewing it. Branding isn’t a one-and-done job, so make sure you come back to it again in the future when it’s time to modernise your branding.

3) Not thinking about the purpose of your brand

Before launching a brand, you need to take the time to have a clear vision of what you are looking to achieve. Find out what the purpose of your brand is and what your values as a business owner are. These will help to impact future decisions you have to make and guide you through any future expansions. You’ll want these brand values to shine through in any branding you create in the future, which will help you to offer your audience the best services and products possible.

4) Failing to research the competition

Researching the competition is something we always recommend when launching a business and creating your brand. However, you don’t want to spend too much time on this, and you certainly shouldn’t be copying any ideas from other brands in your industry. Focus on the type of branding all of the high-performing companies in your industry have and see what they all have in common. You’ll then need to try and find a way to stand out from their branding and show why your company is different from theirs.

5) They don’t let their personality shine through

While all businesses need to have some element of professionalism in their branding, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your personality shine through in everything you do. Your branding should be reflective of your company, whether it’s cheeky, serious, or helpful. This will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, and they’ll quickly be able to tell what they can expect from interacting with your company. Don’t be afraid to make your branding funny if that’s reflective of your brand, but don’t take it too far so that it comes across as unprofessional or silly.

6) A lack of consistency

Every element of your branding needs to be consistent, and without this, consumers will find they are very confused about what you are trying to sell and offer. When a potential customer lands on your website or sees your product, they should know immediately what you are offering. Don’t make your branding so obscure that customers don’t know what you are selling, and ensure that every element matches to some extent. This will help to offer your customers a more professional and cohesive experience, which is something we are all looking for when choosing between companies for our purchases.

7) Focusing too much on current trends

While your brand should always aim to be relevant and appeal to consumers, that doesn’t mean you should become too focused on current trends or news. In fact, if you base any elements of your branding on what’s popular now, by this time next year, it will likely look very out of date. Instead, make sure you find a style and look that’s timeless and that you believe will serve your company well for many years to come. When launching a business, you never know how far this journey will go, and you may be using the same branding in a few decades.

8) Rushing the process

We all know that new business owners can’t wait to get out into the world and start selling their products or services. However, when setting up a business, your branding is one element that you really can’t afford to rush. Put aside a good amount of time to work with a team of professionals to ensure you get your branding right the first time. You don’t want to rush this process and find that you made errors or don’t like something about your branding in a few months. Instead, take your time, and you’ll be able to create branding that you are proud to show to the world.

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We know how important branding is for businesses of all types, and it will help to set you apart from your competition in even the most saturated markets. By working with a team of professionals, you can set yourself up for success and create branding you’ll be proud to share for many years to come.