BSPOKE Design - SEO Expert explaining SEO stratedgy to business clients

As a business owner, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to work with an expert to improve your SEO. While you can certainly review some aspects of SEO by yourself, you might be surprised to learn there’s so much more to SEO than just keywords. In this article, we discuss whether working with an SEO expert is the right fit for your business this year.

What can an SEO expert assist with?

An SEO expert will assist with all aspects of SEO on your website. As we mentioned above, so many people think they can just add a few keywords to their site, and they’ll improve their SEO. While keyword research is a huge part of an SEO expert’s job, that’s far from all they will help you with. If you have no idea what you need to improve, that’s the first thing an SEO expert can assist with. They’ll perform a full audit of your website and ensure you are aware of any areas which need improving. From there, they’ll then be able to create an action plan (strategy) and put their knowledge and expertise to work on your site.

Can I teach myself SEO strategies?

While there are endless sites and courses out there to help with SEO, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to this task. It’s not a quick task to learn and implement SEO on a website. Many business owners start to tackle this challenge by themselves and then just give up when it gets too much. As a business owner, you no doubt have hundreds of other things you could be doing with your time. We always recommend focusing on your area of expertise and outsourcing the work you aren’t familiar with. Unless you are a large corporation that can afford a full-time SEO expert, outsourcing is the way to go for the majority of companies.

What are the benefits of working with an SEO expert?

You’ll notice endless benefits when you work with an SEO expert this year. Firstly, you’ll save hours of time reviewing your website and making the necessary changes. SEO focuses on tweaking your site in order to help you rank higher on Google. You’ll find that when you work with one of our SEO experts, you’ll notice traffic increases to your site. In turn, your site will then convert these visitors into paying customers. You’ll find that you quickly notice a boost to your business after working with an SEO expert. This is why we recommend any business makes this investment this year to help take their company to the next level.

An SEO expert will look at every aspect of SEO and how it can benefit your site. There’s so much more to SEO than many people realise. They’ll look at keywords, links, page speed, and all the other areas which come together to make a fantastic website. Google looks for a variety of different key features in regards to SEO, and you’ll want to ensure you take the proper approach to this task. In fact, Google is constantly making changes to its algorithm, which makes SEO a challenge for business owners. An SEO expert dedicates their life to this field and will constantly be in the loop about new updates. You won’t have to spend hours reading online blogs and can instead benefit from their years of training.

Think about long-term success

So many of us think about SEO as a one-and-done project, but it’s something you need to be thinking about constantly. An SEO expert will be able to work with you on a one-off or long-term basis. They’ll be here to support you and put together a plan for your business moving forward. While you might notice immediate improvements to your site ranking, you need to learn to monitor these rankings. An SEO expert can keep on top of your statistics and ensure you aren’t wasting any opportunities to rank higher on Google. When investing in anything for your business, always think of the long-term benefits. While the short term costs might seem worth saving right now, in the long run, you’ll more than make your money back.

An SEO expert can work with businesses of all shapes and sizes

You don’t have to be the owner of a huge international business to start working with an SEO expert. This is a common misconception we hear from business owners, but you should never let it put you off. Almost any business could benefit from working with an SEO expert. It’s never too late to begin this process and start improving your ranking online.

Ideally, we’d recommend any type of business that’s operating online uses an SEO expert. They are experienced at working with businesses in any industry and will be here to support you with your website. Small businesses are relying more than ever on the internet.

The past year has shown us all we need to continue to grow and adapt, and SEO is a huge part of this for online businesses. An SEO expert will discuss your aims and expectations when you first start working together. From there, you’ll find that you form one of the most valuable partnerships for the future of your business.

Are you ready to start working with an SEO expert?

Our team will be here to help improve your website so that you start ranking higher on search engine results pages. Contact us today for more information about our SEO service, or if you’re in the market for a custom business website.