BSPOKE Design - The importance of PPC keyword research for Google ads

While you might be aware of how to conduct general keyword research for your SEO tactics, PPC keyword research has some different considerations. When you conduct proper keyword research, you’ll find your money is better spent. Often, people don’t follow through with this research, resulting in poor results.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to share our top tips for PPC keyword research for Google Ads to help you make the most of your ads in the future.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC keyword research?

If you are familiar with conducting keyword research for SEO, you might be wondering how PPC keyword research is different. Most of the advice online regarding keyword research focuses on SEO. You need to take a slightly different approach when it comes to PPC keyword research. For this, you are trying to get buyers to your site instead of just looking to gain more traffic. You’ll be looking for keywords that offer a high ROI instead of just any possible keywords you could use.

There are different types of keywords to consider, which we’ll go through shortly. By using a combination of these, you’ll find your sales soon improve with the help of PPC keyword research.

Types of keywords to consider for PPC keyword research

Most of the search queries which take place online today can be broken into a few different categories. You’ll find that many questions asked on Google are informational. These include the how-to, when, and what questions. Other search terms involve orienting terms, such as best, review or compare. Finally, buyers are often looking for more information about the transaction they might make. These PPC keyword research terms will include buying and pricing. No two customers use Google the same way, but these categories will form the basis of your PPC keyword research.

You’ll find that the visitors you attract from transactional search queries will likely have a higher conversion rate. (These are typically higher-value customers in comparison to regular informational searches.) When paying for PPC ads, you need to ensure you are getting customers who are going to convert and pay you back in no time at all. It doesn’t make sense to focus on those who are just looking for information. When you are paying for this service, you want to ensure you are at least covering yourself financially. SEO keyword research focuses more on information, whereas you need to choose to use terms that focus on PPC keywords.

Look at how your competitors attract customers

While you can use online tools to conduct PPC keyword research, don’t neglect to look at your competitors. This will give you a good idea of what keywords are successful, particularly for those who always rank as number one online. We know that many of the top companies have huge budgets to conduct their PPC keyword research. You’ll find that they’ve put the resources and time into this work, so you can benefit from it as well. While you should never plagiarise their content, you can still look at the keywords which are effective for their business.

Use keyword research tools

For anyone new to PPC keyword research, we recommend using Ahrefs or Ubersuggest. These tools are designed for keyword research, but you will find they focus slightly more on SEO. When you know what we’ve shared above though, you’ll be able to find the transactional terms you need. Select where in the world you are targeting, and they’ll also offer keywords that are directed to your region.

US and UK-based customers have different needs and search requirements, so keep this in mind when tailoring your content to their needs. If you are only focusing on a very niche and local market, always keep this in mind. There’s no point attracting customers from Australia to your site if you can’t serve them.

Review the keywords you’ve found

Once you’ve conducted keyword research, you might find you are left with an overwhelming number of terms to use. We recommend using a mixture of both short and long-tail keywords. Our team will be here to support you with this task if you are still unsure what to do.

We can guide you through how to select the best keywords and insert them into your ads and website. One thing to keep in mind is using keywords naturally. Don’t force them into your Google Ads if they don’t match the rest of the content on your site. These keywords need to be natural, fitting the topic and relevance of your website.

PPC keyword research is an ongoing process

Another thing to keep in mind when conducting any form of keyword research is that it’s not a one and done task. This is the same as SEO research, but you also need to keep this in mind for PPC keywords. We recommend always using PPC keyword research where possible regularly so that your Google Ads remain up to date.

We all know that Google constantly changes their algorithms. This can be an absolute nightmare for a business owner to keep up to date with. Make sure you are refreshing your content and descriptions from time to time. You’ll find you then keep your high ranking with your Google Ads and ensure you attract a wide audience to your site.

Are you ready to start your PPC keyword research?

If you still don’t know where to start, our team is here to help.

We can audit your current Google Ads and conduct PPC keyword research to improve your Google ranking. We can also combine it with an SEO audit as well, for maximum effectiveness. We know that PPC ads can be a costly undertaking for your company, so don’t waste your time and money by skipping over PPC research. Contact us today for more information and to discuss how our team can help you.