BSPOKE Design - How often should small businesses perform website maintenance?

Just as large corporations perform regular website maintenance, small businesses also need to implement a strategy, too. One of the most common questions we receive is about website maintenance for small businesses.

We’re here today to help you discover how often you need to consider completing this task in the future.

Weekly website maintenance

Depending on the type of business and website you operate, you may need to consider weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. This is particularly true for e-commerce sites, which rely on a functioning website to turn a profit. If you are using WordPress or another CMS, you’ll want to ensure this is functioning properly each week. You don’t need to do the most in-depth maintenance regularly, but you should check the products you are selling and add articles to your blog.

Weekly maintenance is also important for companies that are relying on search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is a great way to boost traffic to your site, but it’s not a one-and-done job. You need to ensure you are working with an expert or team to avoid issues further down the line. As far as SEO goes, make sure you check for broken links and images and that you refresh old content. There’s nothing more frustrating for your customers than seeing great products that are no longer in stock. Furthermore, ensure to remove any information which is out of date to keep your website in top condition.

Monthly maintenance

For companies who operate a standard website but don’t sell products online, monthly maintenance is usually a good option. You’ll find that this is a good time to review the analytics for your site. You can use this data to analyse your conversion rate and make tweaks as needed to your site. Reviewing data less frequently gives you a better overview of how you perform throughout the month. Most companies have busy and quiet weeks each month, so you need to focus on the average statistics instead of these.

As an e-commerce store owner, make sure you always test out your site each month. It’s a good way to see what the customer experience is like and make changes to improve your offerings.

Annual website maintenance

As well as conducting weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly website maintenance, you need to take a deeper look at your website at a minimum once a year. We recommend doing this regardless of what industry you are based in. At this point, you might even want to work with our team to completely redesign your site.

You could decide to make your site more mobile responsive or update content based on GDPR. One thing to remember is that you don’t have to undertake this task alone each time. We will be here to resolve any issues you are experiencing. From there, we can design or update your site to help you remain in compliance. As well as keeping your site compliant, you’ll find your customers enjoy a much better browsing experience.

The benefits of regular website maintenance

While website maintenance for small businesses is something that many of us struggle to fit into our schedules, it’s critical for your business to thrive. Below, we share a few of the top benefits you will likely notice when following a consistent website maintenance routine:

A better browsing experience

The number one motivation for updating and maintaining your website is offering your customers a better user and browsing experience.

If your employees also use your website, this benefit can extend to them as well. We encourage you to always put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You need to ensure they don’t come across any broken links or glitches on their journey throughout your site. This will allow them to purchase your product or service with no issues, increasing your profits.

While you might think that this task is something you can’t afford to do time-wise, our Peterborough based web design team can be here to support you with your website maintenance tasks.

Stand out from your competition

With so many websites and companies competing for attention online, you need to find a way to stand out. We recommend website maintenance for small businesses for this reason – so that you can stay one step ahead of everyone else online. You’ll find that the more time you invest into your website, the better chance customers will choose you over your nearest competitor. We recommend always keeping your analytics in mind when performing maintenance, as you should always be looking to increase your conversion rate.

Fewer customers service complaints

One of the top causes of customer service complaints about modern companies is an issue with their website or social media accounts. Often, these issues could be stopped quickly, but you’ll find that without website maintenance, you might overlook these problems. Your customer service team no doubt has enough on their plates already. Lessen the tension by conducting regular website maintenance and ensuring your site works properly.

You’ll find that customers are much more likely to return when they have a good experience on your website. It acts as the storefront for your company online, so make sure it looks and works as well as a standard store would.

Help is here if you need it?

Website maintenance is something that any small business owner should conduct regularly. You’ll find that weekly, monthly, or annual maintenance works for different companies, depending on the type of product or service you offer.

E-commerce sites need to pay more attention than other companies to this maintenance. You don’t want to lose customers just because you are too busy or lazy to perform a few simple checks and updates. Contact us today for more information about website maintenance and how we can help you with this task.